Hi, I am home automation enthusiast and technology geek. I am looking for a ways to simplify my daily life and be in control of my household when I want to. My hobby is to research, test and review technology, which helps me to reach that goal.

There are millions of connected devices such as smart thermostats, door locks, cameras, appliances, you name it, at homes across the world talking to each other, making decisions on their own and their owners.

It is not so easy and can be time consuming to choose the right technology and setup for your home. I want to share what I know with you so you can save your time.


My mission is to share the best ways to ease your live and put in control of your home environment trough home automation technology.


All the content on the site is planned, researched and edited by me to make sure it does meet our highest quality standards.  I do use freelance writers for some of the content to help me with putting articles together. However, I will always review and edit articles, which are being put online for the reasons mentioned above. This process is in place to ensure you can trust our advice for your home automation technology decisions.

We research smart home automation technology by an in-depth analysis of a wide array of possible sources of information available. As much as possible we try to get the product and test it in real life situations ourselves.

However, this is not always possible. In those cases we are conducting extensive online research by gathering and analyzing online feedback from real customers of these products.

Business Model

Our activity requires some capital to keep the lights on therefore we have affiliate agreements with our partners (currently with Amazon Associates).

Most importantly, we consider our credibility and reputation above all so we provide only honest and unbiased advice to our readers. We do not compromise on that.