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While it might be tempting to delegate doing all of the cleaning to your kids, technology has progressed to the point where there are machines that can do the job even better.

Unlike an unwilling youngster, smart mops won’t make a mess of things or even complain when they’re told to do a task.

With so many options on the market, I took the time to do a comparison and see which one is the best robot mop.

Our Picks of The Best Robot Mop

How to Choose the Best Robot Mop?

There are a few clues as to whether you’d want a particular model depending on what’s written in a robot mop review, but keep in mind that any information you might read could be biased toward one brand or another.

Pay attention to the source before making any purchasing decisions. On top of this, take a look at what long-term customers have to say about the model you’re considering.

Not all units feature mobile connectivity, and not all users will necessarily need to be able to control their robot mops from a smartphone. If this is important to you, then check to make sure that the smart mop you’re considering features support for your mobile devices.

This can be a nice way to ensure that your floors are clean before you even get into your home since you can send a cleaning instruction while you’re still at work. Nevertheless, those using older iOS devices or those who need a Windows Mobile app will do well to look before they leap.

When selecting robot mop pay attention to whether or not the unit you’re looking at has a vacuum or carpet sweeping option. Some units are dual-purpose, and the quality of any secondary function has a tendency to suffer.

You know you’ve picked one with a good brush if the motor has a spinning speed of somewhere around 70,000 rpm. This might sound excessively fast, but powerful brushes are needed to clean up difficult messes. If you ever do get a dual-use robot mop, then make sure that it cleans carpets first so it doesn’t track water into parts of your house that you want to stay dry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot Mops

The advantages to owning a smart mop may already be evident to those who are considering the benefits of other types of home automation. Smart mops always make sure to keep the floors clean even if you forget to or lack the motivation to do so.

They do a fairly thorough job and can attack messes as soon as their made. If you’re living on your own or you’re living with your family but have an extremely busy schedule, then using a robotic mop is an excellent way to delegate chores. They’re also much less expensive than cleaning services over the long term.

This is in spite of the fact that unlike a cleaning service your robotic mop will be there at all hours of the day. It might even be able to charge itself. Some users consider the fact that they have to fill their units with water and cleanser a disadvantage since they feel that smart mops should be totally autonomous.

Others don’t mind this necessarily, but they do feel that they still have to periodically mop up the old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, a smart mop should be able to help you put this off for quite some time.

A more serious disadvantage results from engineering oversights when it comes to battery and charger design. The power contacts can eventually get bent because smart mops aren’t stationary. Things can get to a point where their circuit boards behave rather strangely as this video shows:

The Best Way to Use a Smart Mop

While the best practices for using a smart mop might change between different use cases, there are a few constants that apply evenly across the board. Learn about any extra features that your smart mop might have. For instance, some of them have special diagnostic modes that can help you troubleshoot any problems you might have with it in the future.

Rearrange the furniture in any rooms that you plan to have your smart mop regularly clean. This might seem like an inconvenience at first, but it will help out quite a bit later on since taking the time to do this now will ensure that you won’t have to go and rescue your robot from a tight spot later on.

Some users have put their furniture or other objects in creative patterns to prevent their mops from cleaning areas that they don’t want sprayed with water. Make sure that you have a smart mop model that works with the type of floors that you have. Some feature special functions to clean carpets while others don’t.

Most can handle tile and laminate flooring, but certain models might not be able to gently clean hardwood floors in a way that’s safe for them. Certain models feature a scheduling option that allow them to clean your home regularly at specific times.

If you have this sort of a device, then set a schedule that makes sense so you don’t end up tripping over a wet robotic saucer. Some people prefer to have their units mop up while they’re asleep so that the floors are dry by the time they wake up.

In case your house is unoccupied for most of the day you can set a regular cleaning schedule based around the hours you’re usually gone. It can be rather easy to get carried away since robot mops don’t ever make complaints, but you still shouldn’t clean more than you absolutely have to.

Many first-time buyers will set their mops to clean up once or twice a day, which is excessive if they were previously only mopping two or three times in a month. Try setting your mop to clean up as much as you were originally and then you can adjust the schedule later on if necessary. Mopping too much can wear out your flooring as well as as your new robotic gadget.

Things to Look for When Selecting the Best Robot Mop

Navigational hazards constitutes the most important category when you’re picking out the best robot mop. Consider the type of home or place of business that you want cleaned.

Pretty much all modern smart robotic mops can easily clean rectangular areas with solid boundaries. If this is all you want done, then you can probably get away with using nearly any model.

You may also want to look at what kind of wheels it has. Some types of smart mops require more maintenance than others because they have small tires with treads on them.

You’ll more than likely have to change pads as well. Those who like a challenge and enjoy working with high technology may not mind this aspect of a smart mop while those who were looking to automate even these tasks might want to opt for something that doesn’t come with an involved maintenance schedule.

Reviews of the Best Robot Mop

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Mop With Water Tank

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Scrubbing Mopping Floor Cleaning Robot

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The V5s has one of the most powerful motors of any smart mops currently on the market, which is important for anyone who has to clean up pet dander. Engineers from ILIFE included a special mode that’s specifically designed for sweeping and mopping away pet hair.

Homeowners might also want to use this mode to clean up dried mud and other bits of heavy debris that get tracked indoors by shoe heels.

An automatic docking process means that you won’t have to worry about keeping track of when it needs to be charged, but the normal battery life is so long this usually isn’t an issue.

Few people ever need to keep their smart mops running for over two hours straight. Self-rescue technology is also included so the mop can catch itself if it gets stuck somewhere.

Some users report that while this isn’t all that common, furniture can make the robot jam the front bumper in such a way that it continually runs in reverse until it finishes cleaning up.


  • 140-minute battery life depending on how much heavy cleaning the robot has to do
  • Automatically adjusts to tile, hardwood and laminate floors
  • Smart sensors detect hidden dirt


  • Charging dock features a weak design that can wear out over time
  • Audio power alerts can be annoying
  • Front bumper jams can stall the cleaning process

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop- Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping cleaning modes, large spaces

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While the range of the mop on the Braava 380t might not be the longest out of all models currently on the market, it certainly does a good job mopping up.

Use of special gears helps the Braava 380t to also be a good deal quieter than many of its more powerful competitors. This allows homeowners to run the mop even at night without disturbing people, which might be a good idea for anyone who is afraid of interrupting the flow of traffic in their house during the daytime.

While it doesn’t support the use of vinegar as a cleaning solvent, the Braava 380t has a small catch that should accept many other types of detergents. The sweep feature pushes dirt away before the mop cleans it up, though it doesn’t remove large piles of dirt in the way that a traditional manual broom would.

A few simple controls on the bottom of the unit make it easy to change out the pad so you don’t have to worry about it tracking dirt around while it tries to clean up. Keep in mind that this is one version of a much larger family of smart mops, all of which work sort of in concert with one another. You may wish to try the Mint or one of the other iRobot devices as they all work similarly.


  • Two channels provide plenty of water for the mopping cloth
  • Constantly moistens pad to ensure powerful but gentle cleaning
  • Low profile allows it to fit into many tight spaces


  • Using vinegar as a cleaning solvent can cause the rubber treads to detach
  • Sweep function simply pushes dirt away rather than collecting
  • Sometimes suffers from some navigation problems

VBOT G270 Robot Cleaner With Mop

VBOT G270 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair with Mop and Self-Charging, Works on Hard Floor and Thin Carpet

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While many people have pegged the VBOT G270 as an entry-level smart mop for those who don’t have much experience with this kind of equipment, it actually has a lot to offer even those who may have had one before.

The unique design helps it fit nearly everywhere and the long battery life means it won’t have to charge itself too often. When it does need a charge, it automatically finds the dock without any input provided that it happens to be in a convenient location.

Homeowners who make sure to avoid putting the charger in a tight spot will be rewarded with a fairly autonomous cleaning process.


  • Square design makes it easy to fit into corners
  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Has functions for cleaning up messes left by pets
  • Works with dark surfaces other smart mops can’t track


  • Sometimes has to be rescued out of a tight spot
  • Makes a good deal of noise when cleaning bigger messes
  • Doesn’t feature an alert sound

Carejoy Microfiber Smart Mop

Carejoy Roborock Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner II Equipped 1 in 2-Sweeping and Mopping Function Free Your Life

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While Carejoy isn’t a name that most people in the industry are familiar with, they’ve come up with a rather unique smart mop. It uses a microfiber cloth to clean floors as opposed to a more traditional mopping action.

This means that users won’t have to change out detergents or worry about harming their floors. Carejoy went so far as to claim that their smart mop can safely clean marble.

While it features mobile connectivity that goes beyond what’s normally offered, this particular model doesn’t exactly seem as polished as some of the competitors. Nevertheless, it has them beat when it comes to an innovative mopping mechanism.


  • Handles nylon and wooden floors
  • Feature smart home integration options through Mi Home app
  • Draws room maps using a 360° radio finder


  • Doesn’t feature a traditional wet mop
  • Avoids cleaning certain areas to prevent damage
  • Plastic parts don’t always fit well together

Which One is the Best Robot Mop?

It’s a bit hard to pick an overall winner because several manufacturers offer different types of innovations that would be useful to different consumers. Since as we said navigational problems are such a big deal when selecting a smart mop, it looks like the ILIFE V5s Pro wins out.

The unique self-rescue technology built into this smart mop allows it to catch itself when it gets lost. That means you won’t have to go and save it most of the time when it gets stuck.

By being able to climb around 15° inclines before it gives out, the V5s can conquer most navigational hazards that homeowners throw at it.

The battery life isn’t too bad either, which means you won’t have to perform much maintenance on it. This makes it suitable for homeowners who are into automation and want their gadgets to do work without needing their input.

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