Carrier Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat Review


  • Large touchscreen
  • Offers an Air Circulation Mode, which runs the fan without powering on the HVAC system
  • Allows users to copy their schedule between different days


  • Price quite high considering the offered features
  • Doesn’t support multi-speed air handler units (always run at full speed when connected)
  • Mobile app is quite dated and not very useful
  • Requires technician to install

New Carrier Cor Thermostat modules feature a seven-day programmable schedule that gives you the freedom to configure your HVAC system however you’d like. If you’re new to the world of smart thermostats, then this alone is a pretty impressive feature.

You can use it to save energy over time since you’re free to dial back the furnace or AC unit whenever you plan to be out of your home or asleep.

All of this functionality is offered from the user-friendly touchscreen conveniently mounted to the front of the unit. Users who are already familiar with smart thermostats will find plenty to like as well, as this represents a fairly big improvement over older models.

The unit supports a wide variety of HVAC installations including those that feature humidistat technology. An energy report feature gives you the option of tracking system functions against outside weather conditions. This new revision of the thermostat is also fully Amazon certified and works with all compatible Alexa devices.

Carrier Cor Thermostat Review

While Carrier usually refers to their unit merely as the Cor programmable thermostat, we’re specifically looking at the CECOMINOD050451 model.

The fashionable flat exterior features rounded edges framing a 7.2″x7.2″x2.2″ case. Weighing in at 11.4 ounces, the Cor is a good deal heavier than most comparable models. This shouldn’t be a problem for most homeowners since the mounting bracket will be more than sufficient.

It also helps to lend some additional durability to the model, especially if it takes a tumble.

The price of the Cor thermostat seems to hover around the same price range as Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat and well above most of Honeywell smart thermostats.

Ease of Use

Carrier refers to their simulated schedule and away mode buttons as Touch-n-Go technology. If you need to tell the thermostat that you’re currently away from your home, then you merely need to push one virtual button and the system will register your absence.

Home and back buttons resemble those that are used in most modern Web browsers, which makes it relatively simple to move between different settings.

Users can change the fan and mode settings the same way that they would if they were using a traditional programmable thermostat. This makes it extremely easy to learn the functions of each control even for those who haven’t used Wi-Fi thermostats before.

Remote options depend on which version of the Carrier Cor thermostat you get. The TP-WEM01-A supports Apple Home while any of the various Amazon certified versions support Alexa voice control.

Any Carrier Cor thermostat that comes with wireless connectivity supports control through the Android and iOS mobile app, which works out of the box. The controls in the app are designed to resemble the ones on the unit’s own touchscreen, so you won’t have to relearn anything when you switch between the two.

On the downside, the Carrier Cor mobile app locks in landscape mode, which is quite annoying. Overall is not very user friendly and has many bugs as reported by many users on Google Play.

Controlling Your Home’s Climate

Each time you configure the schedule for a day you can then clone it to any other day of the week. Once you have, you can then edit it individually. This makes setting the schedule faster than with most other programmable thermostats.

When you’re done a single tap is all that’s needed to enable the Carrier Cor thermostat review function, which allows you to view the whole week’s schedule at a glance. Unlike most other Wi-Fi thermostats, this one won’t adjust the temperature without being told to. It will follow the schedule as well as any temperature that’s manually tapped into the screen, but it won’t use geofencing or anything like that to edit the schedule.

Instead, Carrier Cor thermostats are equipped with what the manufacturer refers to as a Smart Setback feature. This asks the user for permission to modify the schedule depending on outside conditions or when it was notified that the user is asleep or away. This feature can be scheduled as well if desired.

Zoning panel systems are fully compatible with the thermostat to a large degree, which should help those who have been struggling to configure multi-zone installations with other smart thermostats. Carrier allegedly had a design team that was made up of traditional HVAC technicians who wanted to make the thermostat every bit as compatible as the typical old rotary ones that once hung on everyone’s walls.

Energy Saving Features

Carrier claims that a third-party study conducted in 2012 saved homeowners an average of 20 percent on their HVAC costs. While this is hard to validate and the results will be different for everyone, one thing is for sure. OptiSave is one of the better insight technologies currently on the market.

While you can allow the OptiSave feature to take over the control of your thermostat to some degree, the real beauty is in the way that it sorts monthly reports. It can issue simple numerical graphs that teach users the smartest use of their HVAC system for the previous month.

Over time, these miniature suggestions can add up to a good deal of savings. Instead of focusing on smart control, Carrier decided to opt for a system that educates users and it works well for them.

Humidity control was a nice touch as well as that can save power in many homes. Some people have household humidifiers that can increase the overall amount of moisture in their homes.

While the Carrier Cor can operate these, the more impressive fact is that it can take control of dehumidifiers. Running a dehumidifier is theoretically expensive, but if you allow your thermostat to do so then you might not need to rely nearly as much on the air conditioner.

By offering users this choice, they’ve given homeowners the ability to save even more than they might otherwise. Naturally, you’ll need to have an installed module for this to work.

Integration with Various Smart Home Ecosystems

While all versions of the TP-WEM01 Carrier Cor thermostat work with Amazon’s Alexa, support for other ecosystems is a bit confusing. Apple HomeKit users who want to control their thermostat with Siri will need to get the TP-WEM01-A certified version of the device, which doesn’t physically look any different so it can be hard to know whether you have the right one or not.

Some individuals on Amazon seem to have had various problems related to Alexa functionality, but it seems to work out of the box for the overwhelming majority of consumers. If you’re already experienced when it comes to configuring Alexa-compatible devices, then you probably won’t have any problem with the installation.

Neither version of the unit comes with native support for the Google Assistant, but the free Android app allows you to control it from other Google-branded devices anyway. While you can’t expect much in the way of other types of useful smart-home integration techniques, the thermostat is certified with Hybrid Heat management devices. It also supports a relatively limited proprietary smart-home suite called Cor Home Automation.

Despite the brand they market it under, the thermostat works with any compatible HVAC system. You don’t need one that was sold by Carrier to interface the thermostat with. You can configure it to remind you when things need to be changed.

While it can’t measure the amount of wear and tear down to your air filter, the Carrier Cor thermostat will remind you when enough time is passed that you need a new one. If you have a humidifier pad or a UV sanitation lamp installed in your HVAC system, then you can configure your thermostat to remind you when you should change these parts out as well. Carrier Côr devices are identical to Cor devices, by the way.

Carrier’s packaging always uses an accent mark, but use of it outside of official sources hasn’t always been consistent. Don’t confuse this for the naming issues that can make it difficult to find a thermostat that’s fully compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Final Verdict

The biggest issue with the Carrier Cor thermostat can be considered its price and feature balance. It is in the price range of pretty much the top line-up of the smart thermostat world: ecobee4/3, or Nest 3rd generation.

The ecobee3 lite smart thermostat is considerably cheaper than Carrier Cor. All of those thermostats offer quite good set of features, which Carrier Cor thermostat either lack or they are below the level competitors are offering.

It does not have remote room sensors as the ecobee thermostat does have, geofencing features like Emerson Sensi or any learning features as Nest thermostat is famous for.

In overall, the Carrier Cor thermostat features a very simple scheduling system that hides a sophisticated algorithm designed to save you money. Unfortunately, otherwise, it does not live up to the level of competitors.

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