Lux TX9600TS Thermostat Review

Having just the right temperature in your home can be the most comfortable thing but achieving it can be a bit of an uphill task.

If you are new to thermostats, the Lux TX9600TS might be an excellent option to start with. Let us look at some of this programmable thermostat features in the in-depth Lux TX9600TS review.

This programmable thermostat enables you to control the temperatures by choosing from two or four programmable periods a day. You can even program each day differently.

Lux Products TX9600TS Programmable Large Touchscreen Heating Cooling Thermostat, White

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If you have children, it will be easy to keep them from tampering with the settings by having a pin key. It is a good option for you if all you want is a thermostat that will turn your systems on and off as it is very basic.

Though this unit is not rich in technological features, it is a good option for those with limited programming skills. It allows you to set different setting but programming can as well be done once.

When comparing it to other thermostats at the same level, it is relatively cheaper and easier to use.


Some of the best features that make the Lux TX9600TS remarkable include:

  • Great value for money
  • Highly compatible and can work with most heating and cooling systems
  • Vacation hold feature allows deviating from a programme
  • Large intuitive touchscreen display
  • You can set a PIN code to protect your settings
  • Temperature override feature allows going manual when you need to
  • 7-day programme
  • Three-year warranty


  • Shot backlight lifespan. The one I was using went off a few weeks after installation. But even when it was working, it could have been brighter.
  • Not compatible with the 2-stage cooling system and some electric baseboard systems. However, it is still compatible with most systems in North America and Canada.

Now that you are conversant with the product, we are now going to break down the functionality of the Lux TX9600TS by testing it on the following categories. By the end of it, you should have a better understanding of the products and also be able to gauge whether it is the right one for you or not.

Ease of Use

Once you have installed the thermostat operating it is a walk in the park. You can set the times that you need the temperatures to be at a certain level. You can also turn it off and on manually when the need arises.

It is advisable to read the Lux TX9600TS instruction manual to set the eight switches on the circuit board correctly. This is important because it helps the thermostat to recognize your home’s heating and cooling system and also the operation settings you prefer.

When you are through with programming, you will need to set the control switches. This is easy as all you need to do is follow prompts that will appear on the screen.

Once that is set, you can as well forget about it and only check on it once in a while. You may opt to use the manual override feature to switch the unit on or off when you don’t want to follow the programmed settings.

There is also an option to restrict access to the controls using a PIN code lock feature. This comes in handy especially when you have small curious children.

Controlling Home Climate

The vacation hold mode is an essential feature when you do not want to start the programming process afresh after you come back home. It acts as a pause feature. It also comes in handy when a season requires a specific temperature over an extended period.

There is also a program copy feature that allows you to transfer periods form one day to the next. This saves you the daily programming from scratch making your life a notch easier.

The thermostat also has an internal sensor that is mind-blowingly accurate. It also has an offset from the initial temperature in case there is an error at some point. The Lux TX9600TS thermostat also gives you the option of synchronizing with two or more units. This could be helpful when you have large rooms.

Energy Saving

Having the wrong temperature settings can cause you to use more power than you should. Programmable thermostats like the Lux TX9600TS can help reduce the bill.

When you set the on and off times, make sure they are as realistic as possible for your situation.

The three power source feature allows you to use batteries alone, two AA alkaline batteries; 24 AV volts alone; and 24 volts AC with battery backup. You may find using cells alone to be the most efficient for this unit. However, the efficiency comes with the burden of changing the batteries on average annually.

Additionally, the thermostat has a built-in energy usage monitor to help you cut costs even further. This monitor contains a timer of “on-time” for the heating and cooling system. It can display three numbers for heating and cooling combined:

  • The amount of system run time so far for today.
  • The amount of system run time so far yesterday.
  • The total cumulative system run time since the time was reset.

Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems

The Lux TX9600TS thermostat is compatible with most heating and cooling system. This is a plus as it means you do not need to change other systems. The only systems it may not work with are those with electric baseboard heat between 120 and 240 volts and those with 2-cooling stages.

Final Verdict

The Lux TX9600TS thermostat is the best for people who do not mind programming it every once in a while and also don’t mind some DIY installation. It is a basic thermostat and doesn’t have very many features. But it is relatively cheaper than its more expensive counterparts and doesn’t need much in terms of installation wiring.

It would be a perfect for first-time thermostat users as you don’t need a lot of programming expertise and you can use it as a try out when you are on a tight budget and transition to the Nest Learning Thermostat or the ecobee3 in future. It can also be the best for those jumping from manual to programmable thermostats.

However, if you are the kind of person who would rather control your thermostat remotely, the Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Programmable Thermostat 1F86U-42WF would be a better option.

If you are big on appearance, this might not be the unit for you. You may be more comfortable with the Nest learning third generation thermostat. This alternative thermostat is also a better option for you if you feel the need to have a detailed programming experience.

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