Roomba 805 Robot Vacuum Review

The iRobot Roomba 805 is one of the earlier models of robot vacuums. Yet, it is still one of the most powerful, autonomous vacuums on the market.

The Roomba 805 still enjoys its popularity even while iRobot has gone on to create much smarter robot vacuums in the past few years.

iRobot Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum Robot with Dual Virtual Wall Barriers and Bonus Filter

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It is as great as when it launched and packs a lot of smart features that make it a staple for any home with lots of traffic or pet fur.


  • Navigation system with multiple sensors to detect stairs and other obstacles
  • Supports setting several cleaning schedules
  • Easy to start cleaning – just hit “Clean” button
  • Possibility to set virtual walls
  • Compact design makes easy to clean hard to reach areas


  • Older model
  • Battery does not hold as much charge as newer models
  • No WiFi control

This Roomba 805 review looks at each feature of this robot vacuum and gives you some insight into whether it would be good for your home.

What Did We Like About Roomba 805?

Sensor Navigation. The Roomba 805 model has a navigation system with multiple sensors called iAdapt Navigation. It cannot map and track where it moves around your home, but it can avoid obstacles while picking up the most dirt possible. It also does use the dual mode virtual wall barriers, which can easily keep the robot confined to one area.

Scheduling. You can create different schedules so that Roomba is cleaning when you want and where you need it to. When you have to schedule a cleaning, just hit the button “CLEAN.”

Smart Technology. Roomba 805 can detect stairs and other obstacles with cliff sensors. It has two virtual wall barriers that you can set up to manage where Roomba can and cannot go.

What We Did Not Like About Roomba 805?

Older Model. The Roomba 805 does not have some of the features of later models yet still has a high price tag. There are a few features such as the 3-stage cleaning system and smart apps that make the newer models a better buy.

Battery Life. The latest Roomba offers up to 200 minutes of cleaning in one charge. The 805 uses an older lithium ion battery and wall charger that does not hold the same amount of charge.

No WiFi control. The Roomba 805 being an older model does not provide possibility to control it over WiFi with mobile application. This means that you will not be able to control and view vacuum settings remotely.

iRobot Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum Robot with Dual Virtual Wall Barriers and Bonus Filter
Roomba 805
iRobot Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum Robot with Dual Virtual Wall Barriers and Bonus Filter
Roomba 805

Key Features

The Roomba 805 is still an amazing robot vacuum for your home despite being in an older lineup. If you do not want some of the complicated features, it is actually one of the most powerful autonomous robot vacuums on the market. There are a few things that make it a great buy for homes with a lot of pet fur as well.

AeroForce Cleaning System

The 805 design features brushes and adjustments that allow you to clean every floor surface, whether you have hardwood or carpet. The motor provides adequate suction so long as the container is cleaned routinely.

Smart Sensors

The sensor navigation on the 805 is still quite sophisticated compared to some of the newer models by competitors of iRobot. You can also setup virtual wall barriers that the sensors will block out during a cleaning. The Roomba 805 means that you can program your Roomba to have a customized route.

Lithium Ion Battery

The battery life is average for the 805, but the vacuum automatically charges itself once it gets low or the unit has finished cleaning.

Scheduled Cleaning

You can schedule cleaning up to 7 times per week, multiple times per day. If you want it to, the 805 will continuously clean until it needs to charge. The display lets you choose when and how long you want it to vacuum your home. Once the cleaning is complete, the 805 automatically goes back to the charging station.

Pet Hair Removal

The 805 can clean up most clumps of pet hair and does a great job of sucking up dander on a consistent basis. If you have pets, you can schedule the Roomba to clean every few hours after charging for each day of the week.

Cleaning Sensors

The Roomba 805 is not as advanced as the 910 or 960. However, it does have cleaning sensors that will tell it where not to go. While it can detect that it is bumping into an object, the vacuum cleaner may not be able to avoid running into a pet.

The sensors are more for detecting walls and stairs. In addition, the Roomba has a soft touch bumper system which the cleaner uses to detect different obstacles and wall barriers.


Only available in black, this vacuum looks like a short canister and features a smooth exterior. The whole vacuum cleaner is lightweight and weighs around 8.4 pounds, making it very portable. The vacuum is able to spin and move around in all directions with very little friction.


The Roomba 805 comes with an AeroForce High-Efficiency filter that captures most allergens, pollen, pet dander, and particles as small as 10 microns according to iRobot.

Brushes And Attachments

With the Roomba 805, you will not get a ton of different adjustments, but the spinning side brush pushes debris into the path of the Roomba, making it easy to clean under furniture and around edges.

The cleaner can sweep dirt from edges so that it gets picked up by the suction. The Roomba 805 can also adjustment from hardwood to carpet floors to laminate floors with minimal issues.

5x The Air Power

The vacuuming robot from iRobot has a lot of air power despite being one of the older models on the market. You can get the same suction from this vacuum cleaner as many other competitors with newer cleaners available.

Detailed Roomba 805 Review

The Roomba 805 offers a consistent smart vacuum experience with decent suction. Compared to other models from competitors, the 805 is much more powerful. There are some areas where iRobot could improve this line. This guide reviews how iRobot Roomba 805 performed in each area compared to other robot vacuums.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet that is low to the ground with no tears is ideal for this vacuum. While Roomba 805 is smart, it does have issues getting around rugs and dips in the carpet. If you have pets, however, the robot vacuum is perfect as it picks up anything. If you are looking for a deeper clean, you may want to look at some of the newer iRobot models.

Hard Floor Cleaning

The Roomba 805 has adjustable brushes that make it easier for hard floor cleaning routines. Roomba 805 really shines on hardwood floors. It picks up everything and can move around corners with ease.

Pet Hair Removal

If you own pets, then the Roomba 805 has to be top on your list. This vacuum moves in all directions, sucking up debris, pet dander, and fur balls. You may need to clean the container routinely in order to prevent lack in performance.

Ease of Use

There are some who like the 805 better for its simplicity. You set a schedule, and hit “CLEAN,” and it just starts to move around your home, cleaning. That is the purpose of these robot vacuums. While some of the newer models have smart features that let you remotely turn on a robot vacuum, this one is a little bit behind. However, it is very simple to use. It even charges itself!

Scheduled Cleaning

You can schedule different cleanings every day up to 7 times with this unit. You simply hit clean to starts it schedule.

Battery Performance

There have been some issues with this unit getting stuck and losing battery life repeatedly. This is because the Roomba 805 has a beeping mechanism that will make it constantly error until someone comes to its rescue. It also uses an older lithium ion battery.

Cleaning Power

The Roomba 805 packs a punch when it comes to dirt. Your house will constantly be free of debris and pet fur, but you may want to give it a deep vacuum every now and then. You also have to make sure that brushes and containers are routinely cleaned to avoid any wearing out of the rotors.


Currently the Roomba 805 is still under warranty and can be registered through iRobot. The warranty is provided by iRobot and offers a money-back guarantee for defective merchandise if reported within a one-year period.

Should You Buy Roomba 805?

The Roomba 805 is a decent robot vacuum with a few features that make it a valuable addition to a home, especially if you have pets and hardwood floors. The scheduling automatic charging, side brush, and cleaning system make it a good purchase for anyone who wants a sturdy autonomous vacuum cleaner.

Since this is an older unit, it may not have the battery life or suction power that has been built into some of the advanced robot vacuum cleaners available on the market. If you are looking for a simple robot vacuum and want a lot of power, this is the right vacuum for your home.

If you would like more features such as smart phone apps that allow you to track cleanings and error status reports, then you may want to look into some of iRobot’s latest models like the Roomba 890 or Roomba 980.

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