Shark ION Robot 750 (RV750) Vacuum Review

Shark ION Robot 750 robot vacuum is an interesting proposition because this unit isn’t made by one of the bigger names in the robotic vacuum segment – SharkNinja. The company is comparatively independent and they had free reign to design their vacuum in whatever way they wanted to.

This makes it stand out quite a bit from the crowd, which is good because something made by a company called SharkNinja needs to be as deadly accurate as the name would suggest.


  • Can connect with other devices
  • Removes allergens other vacuums pass over
  • One-touch activation makes controls easy to master
  • Long battery life
  • Makes semi-permanent room maps
  • Runs very quietly


  • Sensors can get clogged
  • Internal wireless antenna may break
  • Needs to be periodically refreshed
  • May knock doors shut
  • Wheels are clunky

Key Features

The Shark ION ROBOT 750 app guides new owners through the process of configuring their new vacuum. Once you have it installed, the app can also be used to schedule cleaning times as well as control the unit remotely.

The app is fully compatible with most iOS as well as Google Android devices, and is listed on the app stores for both of these mobile ecosystems.Continuing the theme of mobile connectivity, the 750 features support for WiFi and even Amazon Alexa.

The unit comes with support for certain types of voice control through the Alexa module, which is perfect for those who are serious about integrating all of their smart home automation gadgets together.

Those who have Google Home devices should find support for their preferred digital assistants as well.Self-cleaning brush rolls take some of the work out of maintaining your robot vacuum.

They’re rated to capture dust, dander, allergens, fur and human hair. Since these rolls deposit matter in the dust cup along with all of the other debris, they can really help people with allergies to breath easier.

What Did We Like?

We really liked the easy assembly, which should be good news for those who don’t like to see the words “some assembly may be required” printed on the outside of a new package.

While some Shark ION Robot 750 review sites have complained about having to put the unit together, this isn’t a problem at all. You simply have to flip the unit over and snap on a pair of side brushes that come in the same box. Once they’re securely on the sides of the unit, you then need to plug the charging dock in and flip a couple of switches.

By shipping the unit in parts like this, SharkNinja’s technicians help to prevent unnecessary damage due to the robot vacuum coming apart when it gets sent to your home. The company even packages an instruction sheet that will have you going in no time.

What We Did Not Like?

Unfortunately, we found that the cliff sensors have a tendency to attract dirt. These are important since they help the 750 avoid falling off stairs and other steep drops.

If they’re clogged up with dirt, then the unit might not be able to tell when it’s playing with fire. The manual recommends regularly cleaning off these senors, but we have a feeling that most users won’t be able to tell when they need to scrub them.

We were also concerned that frequent cleaning might eventually scratch the sensors, which could render them useless.

Shark ION Robot 750 (RV750) Review

Carpet Cleaning Performance

Since Shark ION Robot 750 can transition well from different heights, it can glide across hard floors and then onto carpet. You shouldn’t have any problems if you have a home that mixes both types of flooring between different rooms as a result.

When it does get onto carpet, how much it picks up depends on the height of the pile. While it struggles with extremely thick carpet, this is a common limitation when it comes to robotic vacuums and shouldn’t necessarily be held against this particular model.

The dust cup holds approximately 0.1 gallons, which should be more than enough for even higher pile carpets that tend to collect a great deal of dirt. If it does struggle with certain carpeted rooms, then you can use the included BotBoundary to keep the ION Robot 750 out of them.

This isn’t an ideal solution, but other robot vacuums don’t really offer this kind of an option to begin with. Nevertheless, the Shark ION 750 is rated to move over doorway thresholds so you might not have any issues to begin with.

Performance On Hardwood And Laminate Flooring

While the Shark ION 750 doesn’t feature true mapping and only makes semi-permanent notes about where it’s headed, that usually doesn’t become a problem on hardwood or laminate flooring.

Sometimes it starts to wander around and will miss spots, which can be a pain if you don’t have any carpeting in your house. It might also push some dust aside and not realize that it did so until the next cleaning.

Most of these shortcomings can be mitigated with proper scheduling, and some homeowners might not notice that they’re an issue at all. The unit features large traditional vacuum brush bristles instead of the more rubbery bristles that many smart vacuums have.

This gives it the ability to power through messes on these kinds of floors, which also helps to mitigate these shortcomings. One really nice aspect of the way it cleans floors involves particulate matter.

If you live in an area that’s sandy or dusty, then you know how much of this junk tends to collect on your floors. The Shark ION Robot 750 powers through all of it and doesn’t look back.

Since the dust cup latches on so tightly, there isn’t any space for even the finest granules of sand to sneak out of the cracks. You may not know why this is so important if you don’t live in this kind of climate, but it is an important feature for those who need it.

Pet Hair Removal

The Shark ION Robot 750 is very good at removing pet hair because the dust cup has pointed edges, which helps to reduce the risk of long hair tangling around the brush.

This means that the robot spends more time picking dander up and less time fighting with itself to get the rollers clean. Some users set a cleaning schedule based around their pet’s shedding habits, which is a good idea for those who have dogs or cats that go through a regular shedding cycle.

While it picks up short hair and furballs just fine, the vacuum really shines when it works to clean up long strands of hair. This is another area where the dual self-cleaning brushes come into play.

They can keep pet hair constantly moving back into the dust cup instead of sticking to the rollers. Since they roll somewhat to the sides, they have a tendency to pick up more pet hair than they would have if they were pointed perpendicular to the direction of the robot’s motion.

You won’t have to worry about it giving up often when cleaning up pet hair either. The battery pack lasts a surprisingly long amount of time. It features 2,600 mAh of capacity, which is more than enough for even tough cleaning.

It should be able to vacuum up all of the hair produced throughout a whole day in a single session because the battery won’t be an issue.

Ease of Use

Once in a while the ION Robot 750 will loose connectivity, which constitutes the biggest ease of use issue related to the vacuum. There are two primary causes for this.

Sometimes the internal WiFi antenna can break, which is generally from mishandling the unit. This shouldn’t happen under normal circumstances.

You won’t have this problem if you treat your vacuum within the boundaries that the documentation sets for you. The other reason is related to a software glitch, and this problem might actually rear its ugly head under normal circumstances.

When this happens, you’re supposed to go through a delete and reconfiguration process that’s very similar to reinstalling the operating system on a general-purpose computing device. In fact, this might very well be what you’re doing.

While the process is easy enough to go through, you’ll have to restore your schedule manually at the end of it. This constitutes a fairly annoying process as a result. Other than that, though, the unit is extremely easy to use.

The interface is snappy and there’s very little to get in the way of programming it. Emptying the dust cup is every bit as easy as following through with the technical maintenance as well, which makes it easy to keep your unit going strong. Since the dust cup compacts matter stored inside of it, you won’t have to do this very often if you don’t want to.

Scheduled Cleaning

Due to the mobile connectivity features, there are a number of ways that you can schedule a cleaning. The app features a calendar that works like those on other smart home devices.

While you probably won’t need to configure the calendar for daily cleaning, this is one of the several options it provides you. Since the unit doesn’t make too much noise, you may want to set a schedule that only permits it to vacuum while you sleep. If this is the case, then you should do test runs for a week or so to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.

Getting woken up by a robotic vacuum defeats the purpose of having one. In certain circumstances, the ION Robot 750 can knock doors shut behind it so you’ll want to watch out for this as well. If it closes one, then it doesn’t have any path to exit and might continue to search fruitlessly for one.

It might also panic and call for assistance. Make sure that all doors are set in such a way that this won’t become an issue for your vacuum. Homeowners with pocket doors won’t have to worry about this problem if they make sure to leave them open.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Since the brush rolls remove most debris themselves, you won’t have to untangle hair from them very often. SharkNinja includes a special cleaning tool to help you with this project when it does become a problem.

The side brushes are stiff enough that they don’t attract much dirt either, but the cleaning tool will work on them when they finally do get gummed up. You’ll eventually want to clean off the cliff sensors to make sure that your 750 knows where the stairs are.

Some users have noted in their own Shark ION ROBOT review content that they actually just used the included magnetic tape to mark off stairwells so that they don’t have to worry about the sensors. While this is a good idea, you really should periodically clean them.

A gentle touch will ensure that you don’t scratch anything. More than likely, you’ll have to trust that your robot vacuum isn’t missing any firmware updates. They never included any method of easily seeing a version number.

While this might have been an attempt at avoiding confusion for users who aren’t aware that robotic vacuums have to run an operating system, it makes it hard to see if you’re getting updates. New firmware can sometimes fix navigational problems, so this is more important than it might sound.


SharkNinja offers users a limited one-year warranty on all products. This doesn’t cover wear and tear on the filters or pads.

If you ever decide to make any type of custom modification, then this will void the warranty as well. The company maintains a toll-free number for warranty claims, though they do charge to have repaired units shipped back to the customer.

SharkNinja covers the cost of the consumer sending the unit to them, but then charges the $24.95 fee as a return shipping cost regardless of whether they repair or replace the defective unit.

Alternative To Shark ION Robot 750

Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Out of all the robot vacuums on the market, the Roomba 690 is the most like the Shark ION R75. They’re more or less direct competitors to one another.

While ION fans wouldn’t mind if their preferred unit gobbled up the 690, this Roomba can swim away from the shark in a few aspects.

The Roomba 690 also features Wi-Fi connectivity and iRobot has had more of a chance to work all of the networking bugs out of their vacuum. It connects to a slick mobile app and it can even work with Alexa and Google Assistant every bit as well as the ION 750 can.

The edge-sweeping brushes are a bit different from SharkNinja’s design, but they’re every bit as capable. Those who might be turned off by SharkNinja’s smaller market presence might very well opt to go with the 690 instead.


While there are certainly bugs that will continue to show up in Shark ION ROBOT 750 review content for the foreseeable future, this is a really polished vacuum cleaner that should please those with pets.

Even if it has a few navigational faults, it’s among the easiest to use in its class. Homeowners with large single-level homes will especially appreciate the way it cleans.

Those who don’t mind doing some periodic maintenance on their smart vacuum should take a look at the ION ROBOT 750.

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